[bible:365 2013] Genesis 16-50

This chunk of reading is quite a lot to cover in one post, so I’m just going to highlight a few thoughts/observations.

22:6 – I proposed a connection in a previous post between the sacrifice of Isaac and the sacrifice of Jesus, but didn’t include this passage in my comparison.  I find it interesting in seeing parallels between the two events, that both Isaac and Jesus carried on their backs the wood that was meant to be the instrument of their sacrifice.  How does this relate to Jesus telling us we must “take up our cross” and follow him (Luke 9:23)?

28:12 – Jacob’s ladder is a topic I honestly don’t think I’ve ever studied or heard anyone speak of.  Ever.  My entire life in church and 4 years getting a double degree in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry, and not once was this passage expounded upon.  After some brief research, I found a common two-fold interpretation of this vision: that the ladder, with God’s presence at the top and the angels ascending and descending, is a comfort to Jacob as a representation of God’s providence and the ministering of the angels on earth, and in a post new-covenant reinterpretation, claims the ladder as representative of Christ, the one whom forms the bridge between God in heaven and man on earth. Some interesting thoughts, and something I would like to come back to study later.

30:3 – Finding more and more evidence of the difficulty in interpreting hebrew narrative.  Is the author affirming the characters’ actions, condemning them, or neither?

34:25 – Simeon and Levi slaughtered all the men.  The two of them.  Against the whole city.  Two of them.

36 – That’s a long list of people.  If the author took that much time to list all these people, it must be important.  It would be interesting to look more at the people listed, see why they are important… another time.

41:1 – “Two whole years.”  That’s how long it took for the cupbearer to remember Joseph.  Two whole years.  And that’s after how ever long the cupbearer and baker where imprisoned with Joseph.  Which was after how ever long Joseph was imprisoned by himself.  I think we often times skim over this part of the story.  Yes, we talk about how Joseph went through hardships before God fulfilled His purpose for Joseph’s life, but in this reading of the story, the length of time Joseph had to wait really stood out to me.  We really don’t like to wait.  It’s hard, and disappointing. But often times we have to wait long periods of time for God to fulfill His purposes.

49 – Not all of these blessings sound very positive.  I am sure there is a good deal of important background here that makes these blessings have a much greater meaning, but that is a study for another time.  All I know, is if my father gave me some of these blessings, I wouldn’t be overly thrilled.  Also interesting how some of the more negative blessings are related to violences or injustices the sons had done in the past.

50:7-8 – That is one large funeral procession, and with a great deal of high-ranking Egyptians.  I wonder if Jacob’s burial was attended by so many was by virtue of Joseph’s position, or because Jacob had become dear to them during his time living in Egypt.

Not a lot of comment for 35 chapters, I know.  Difficult not to repeat myself from previous posts. If interested, one could always go back and look at those! 🙂

Genesis 16-20

Genesis 21-25

Genesis 26-30

Genesis 31-35

Genesis 36-50

What in these readings stood out to you?


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