kenya 2013 | day two

It’s been a beautiful morning in Kenya as we get ready for our second full day in country.

Yesterday was a wonderful beginning to our time in Kenya.


After breakfast we traveled out to Namuncha, a Maasai tribal village in the Great Rift Valley to join them for their Sunday worship service. When we arrived, we were amazed by the warmth and friendliness of these people, as the children crowded around us, smiles on their faces.


My Vibram Five Fingers were a hit!

There were handshakes all around, as we were greeted with the traditional Maasai “supa,” to which which our response was “apa.”

It was a pleasure being able to put faces to the names I have heard from Dad’s stories over the last six years.

Then we went into their modest church building for a truly incredible service.

Their worship service was unlike anything I had ever been to. After the visiting pastors got up to introduce themselves, and a few gave a word from God, they brought in five different choirs, from the children to adults. Almost all of them were in traditional Maasai garb, dancing and singing in their own language.image

It was truly incredible to watch as these people were worshipping, proclaiming the truth of the God I know in a language I don’t. Later in the service, it was time to worship again, and I was surprised as they started to clear chairs away, and all gather together in the front of the church. As they lifted up their voices, with outstretched hands and tears on many faces, I was struck by the depth of faith, and the passion of these people, a passion I know I sometimes lack.It was truly a glimpse of heaven. I couldn’t join them in their songs, not knowing the words or the language, but as I stretched out my hands in prayer I was connected to these people. I could feel the bond that comes with being part of the Body of Christ, being children adopted into the same family by our loving Father.

I think this is one of my favorite parts about going on trips like this: the reminder that I am part of a family that goes beyond my church, my city, my country. I am a part of God’s family, a family that encompasses all nations, all cultures, and reaches across the centuries. So often our vision becomes so narrow, that to allow God to widen my vision to match His is truly a blessing.

Loving my time here so far, and can’t wait to see what the rest of our time here holds for us!

Prayer Request: Please be praying that we will encounter God and people on this trip in ways that will change our lives forever. Please also be praying as results should be coming back soon that will tell us whether the rest of the Brown family gets to join us. Pray that test results come back clear and good, and that the process of changing flights and getting them here goes smoothly.

Mungu Awbariki! God Bless!



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