[bible:365] Day 5 – Genesis 21-25

Sometimes I feel like I pass over the birth of Isaac as just another birth story. I almost did it writing this. But then I stopped and thought about it: this is a big deal. This is God’s covenant with Abraham finally coming to fruition. It’s in chapter 12 that God first promises to make Abraham into a great nation, and Abraham is 73 at this point. It takes almost 30 years for this promise to begin to be fulfilled. After such a long time of waiting and praying for the child from whom this great nation will spring, the hope and joy felt at his birth must have been astonishing. The child that was promised had finally arrived; how joyful Abraham and Sarah must have been.

This makes the almost-sacrifice of Isaac that much more astonishing. I don’t have children of my own, so I can’t speak from experience, but I can imagine the thought of sacrificing your own child continue reading…


[bible:365] Day 4 – Genesis 16-20

I wonder if we would laugh too.

God comes to Abraham and Sarah, again affirming that they will have a child, and they both laugh! This occurs in both accounts of God foretelling the birth of Isaac, with Abraham laughing in the 17:1-21 account, and Sarah in the 18:1-15 account. The idea that they could have a child at such an old age sounded ridiculous to them, despite the fact that it came from God.

We might look at this and say, God told them they were going to have a son, how could they not believe! But I wonder, should God reveal his plans for our lives, would we not find it equally ridiculous and crazy, and perhaps laugh at the suggestion that we could do such a thing?

The birth of Isaac is foretold as part of God’s covenant with Abraham, and in chapter 17 we get our first picture of what God expects in return: circumcision. What??? continue reading…