not giving up on eating

I’ve never been very good at following through with things I commit to do regularly. Whether it’s working out, preparing lesson plans prior to the night before, going to bed at a decent hour, or prayer and spending time in the Word, the pattern is the same. I start out excited and committed, yet within a week, two weeks, or even a month or more, the commitment wanes until I look back and realize it has been weeks since I’ve (insert commitment here). It’s a pattern I’m determined to break.

Implementing new habits is difficult. Doing so requires time, energy and motivation, which make keeping them up very difficult when something comes up and we no longer have the time, or we have a bad week and lack motivation to do anything, or we’re tired and can’t possibly imagine doing something extra. Unfortunately, this is what I see happening with my attempts to build new habits. continue reading…


Discouragement, Commitment and Good Pretending

I don’t know how to feel: it only took me through week two to get discouraged with this project.

I began the bible:365 project with high hopes and expectations, ready for a great year of reading through the Bible and sharing my thoughts with anyone who would listen. The first week of posting went great, I loved the reading, and was having a lot of fun going through the stories, thinking out loud, and sometimes sharing things I learned over the years in classes and studying. I loved it, and the amount of time I was spending on each post was of no consequence: I didn’t care.

Then week two hit. continue reading…