Darkness, Claustrophobia, and Leaving the Closet (That is, Redemption)

For those still languishing in the dark, afraid of what the daylight will bring.

I vividly remember that 15-year old high school kid facedown during worship, tears soaking the blue-speckled carpet beneath him, in anguish because his deepest secret made him unclean.




Just a few of the words I had heard used to talk about people like me, a scalpel of rhetoric slowly,


cutting away at my soul.

I remember that same kid four years later, kneeling at the foot of a cross, face soaked in despair, begging God to take this cup from him.

I hated who I was, but no one would have ever guessed. continue reading…


[bible:365 2013] Exodus 1-25

Your past does not define you.

There are so many times when we look at others or ourselves, and all we see is the past, and usually not the positives.

Past failures.

Past pain.

Past relationships that have left wounds.

Past choices that have hurt others.

We look to the past, letting it define the present, and direct the future. continue reading