growing up gay in church: a living contradiction

Stories have a remarkable ability to shape and transform our world. They are a vehicle for communicating meaning and truth in a way that impacts our lives and allows us to see a world, a truth, beyond our own.

The immense power that stories have is revealed in the fact that this is the method by which God has consistently chosen to reveal Himself to humanity. From the creation narrative in Genesis to Jesus’ parables of the Kingdom, God has revealed the truth of who He is and who we are made to be through telling a story. This story, this metanarrative of creation and redemption, draws up our own stories into itself, and weaves them into the fabric of God’s work throughout time.

I would like to share with you part of my story, and how I think it fits in the larger narrative being woven throughout history.

My uncle recently told me that it’s much easier to understand someone’s perspective when you know their story, so I share mine not to persuade you to agree with everything I believe and stand for, but simply to let you see the narrative that has made me who I am today, in the hope that it provides a foundation of understanding upon which further relationship and discussion can be built.

So, I invite you into my story, and pray God will use it to His glory. continue reading…


[bible:365] Day 4 – Genesis 16-20

I wonder if we would laugh too.

God comes to Abraham and Sarah, again affirming that they will have a child, and they both laugh! This occurs in both accounts of God foretelling the birth of Isaac, with Abraham laughing in the 17:1-21 account, and Sarah in the 18:1-15 account. The idea that they could have a child at such an old age sounded ridiculous to them, despite the fact that it came from God.

We might look at this and say, God told them they were going to have a son, how could they not believe! But I wonder, should God reveal his plans for our lives, would we not find it equally ridiculous and crazy, and perhaps laugh at the suggestion that we could do such a thing?

The birth of Isaac is foretold as part of God’s covenant with Abraham, and in chapter 17 we get our first picture of what God expects in return: circumcision. What??? continue reading…