2013 begins

One more year has come and gone, and now we stand on the brink of another, unsure of what the horizon brings.

It’s not unique at this time to talk about looking at the year behind, reflecting on events and how they’ve affected us, judging decisions we’ve made and how we’ve progressed towards meeting our life goals.  Neither is it unique to look at the year ahead, wondering what the new year brings, making new goals and resolutions, hoping for a better year than the one behind.  Though these New Year activities are not unique, there is a reason that nearly everyone participates: it just makes sense.

Though the source of the aphorism “know thyself” may be in doubt, the truth of it is without question; and as Socrates so famously wrote, “the unexamined life is not worth living.”  It is important for us to participate in these New Years rituals, for how else are we to grow into better people, into better followers of Christ, without intentional self-examination? continue reading


the bible:365 project

The bible:365 project is a year-long journey through the Word of God.  Click the link in the sidebar for more information.

I strongly suggest that you check out the project and Radical, the book the project comes from.  It’s going to be a truly life changing year, and I would love to have you with me for the journey!

The project begins with the first reading on Monday, January 3.