the author

Karl James Johnson

I was born into an amazing family on March 7, 1988.

My parents always placed the highest priority on Jesus Christ, and encourage me to do the same.

I “accepted Jesus into my heart” (though I hate that phrase) at the wise age of 5.

My life and family were changed dramatically when I was 10 with my little brother entering the world, and again at 12 with my second brother.  I love them both dearly, though they are both adept at the job of annoying the older brother.

Summer camp with my Jr High group at JH Ranch was a significant point in my journey of faith.  I was 13, and the truth of Christ’s love and desire for a personal relationship with me were made clear.  Here my faith was no longer the faith of my parent: my faith became my own.

I was called to full-time ministry at the age of 17 during an Easter Mexico Outreach trip because I fell asleep during the evening message.

I had many Christian role models who were there to speak into my life, and encourage me along my journey, and as I entered into ministry.  My hope is to be there for my students as these people were there for me, to speak the truth of Christ into their lives.

Following high school I attended Azusa Pacific University, where I grew and changed as God worked in my life, and also realized really how much work God has left to do in my life.  After four amazing years of developing deep and meaningful relationships, having some of the best experiences of my life, and having my world rocked as the walls I had built around God were systematically and utterly destroyed, I finished my double degree in Youth Ministry and Biblical Studies.

I have been involved in ministry in many capacities, including volunteer positions in youth ministries, a Student Internship my senior year, leading Mexico Outreach trips, counseling and being part of the leadership team at a summer camp, and leading worship for multiple settings.

I am currently in the process of interviewing for positions in various ministries, listening for God’s leading as I make the next step in my life.

My second love (the first being Jesus of course) is music. Music is the language of the soul, with the ability to speak more profoundly, and move more deeply than words alone.  Whether it’s listening to music or playing it, it’s here my soul often finds peace.

I love books.  They are mystic portals into unknown lands filled with mystery, intrigue, suspense, action, love, defeat, glory, and success.  Books can take you to the innermost parts of a man’s heart, and bring you to the edge of emotion and experience. There is nothing quite like books. “Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.” -Henry David Thoreau

I also love the outdoors.  Thanks to my family I have practically grown up on the lake, so I love wakeboarding.  I have been camping since I was born, and my two semesters at APU’s High Sierra Semester introduced me to the wonders of backpacking and rock climbing (the real, outdoors kind).

My favorite color is turquoise.  I find it a healthy compromise between blue and green.

I love animals, but dogs especially.

I really enjoy photography, and am looking forward to getting a digital SLR.

I try everyday to live my life to the glory of God.  Some days this happens, some days it doesn’t.

I am not perfect. I sin, I fall.

But, I get back up and continue again, daily surrendering my life to Jesus.