the blog

The concept behind this blog is that the life of faith is best lived out in community, where we can learn and live together.  So the idea here is to share my life: what I’m learning, what I’m experiencing, how God is transforming me, where I see God at work in the world.

Because life is such a varied experience, the types of posts will vary as well, from the academic and intellectual, to the introspective and devotional.  My hope and prayer is that what I’m learning can be of use to others on this journey of faith.

I also hope, on a more personal note, that this blog can be a way for me to work through what God is teaching me, as I find clarity by putting my thoughts into written word.  And in this, to also keep a record of what I have learned, as one thing I know I have learned is the need to be reminded of what I’ve learned. 🙂

I pray God uses my words, no matter how incoherent, to be of benefit to you.